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A Sustainable Nursery
We use sustainable practices to reduce our impact on the environment.  Our goal is to reduce levels of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, use integrated pest management systems to deal with insects, diseases and weeds and focus on building the soil to promote plant health.
We are the first and only commercial nursery growing perennial plants and trees in this area.   We have no local competition but this is a very competitive industry.  We've integrated sustainable practices in our operation to enhance production and broaden awareness.  It's not rocket science, just a different kind of farming in an area isolated from the majority of Oregon's nursery professionals in the Willamette Valley.  Our conditions are different, thus our challenges are unique.  Anybody can do what we do, but we're not going to divulge all of our secrets here.  Instead, we'll list our achievements.  If you want to learn how we accomplish these things, please call us to schedule a personal tour of our operation.  You will be delighted with what you learn.

A greener nursery builds good relations with neighbors and helps market nursery plants to the green industry.  Our customers understand and appreciate that our production systems incorporate products and techniques to help us meet our goals for a sustainable agricultural operation.  We feel good about running our business in a manner that helps protect birds, wildlife and the environment.  We like the idea that we help reduce landfill waste, we conserve water and energy, and we improve the land through devoted stewardship. 



Our Irrigation Systems


Improve plant quality


Reduce labor cost


Reduce energy costs


Save millions of gallons of water


Reduce pesticide use


Control application of fertilizer


Eliminate runoff and controls erosion


Help with weed control


Facilitate re-use of water


Make efficient use of space 


Healthy plants are a first line of defense against insects and diseases.  Soil building plays a central role in sustainable nursery management.  We use a combination of methods and materials to reduce pesticides and to  improve and protect our soil. 


Our systems and equipment are designed and maintained for efficient use of energy.

We reduce energy consumption through the use of wind and solar power.  Gravity is our friend.  



Our site is carefully arranged to create an efficient operation.  We use production methods and materials to eliminate wasted time, energy, and fuel. 


We reuse and re-purpose materials that would otherwise go to a landfill. 

It is cost effective.  We gladly pass savings along to our customers. 

Please join us in this effort by returning undamaged plant containers for reuse.


We use compost from organic waste to improve the soil.



We use natural methods to control insects and rodents.  Our techniques are simple and inexpensive, with unexpected side-benefits for humans.




and we don't shock them with electric fences.

We've installed barriers and greenways to train the deer to use new, safe routes around the nursery.

We provide them with drinking water in a greenway. 



No, we don't shoot the birds, either. 

We don't subject our neighbors to an automatic cannon.

Our technique is natural, inexpensive, and simple.

If you happen to witness a demonstration, you will be properly awed and impressed!

We invite you for a tour of the nursery.