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Koi Fish for Sale
After the adults spawn in the spring, we allow 7 to 10 days for the eggs to hatch and then we begin catching fish for sale.  Mother Nature tells the fish when to spawn - we have no control over the process or the timing.  They usually spawn sometime in May.  We generally open the fish house in late May or early June.
Catching the Koi is not a simple process.  Koi are smart and they are determined survivors.  They will dash away or swim down to escape the cast net.  To avoid the seine net, they bury themselves in the mud at the bottom of the pond, wriggle through openings, and jump over the net.
Captured Koi are sorted into tanks in the fish house.  These are the ONLY Koi we offer for sale.  Please don't ask us to catch "this fish" or "that fish" from a pond.  (hmmmm.... Maybe we shouldn't be too hasty .... show us LOTS of money and commit to buying MANY big fish ... we'll probably haul out the nets and start draining ponds!)
Fish are quarantined before they become available for sale.  During this period, we treat them for parasites, bacteria, and any minor wounds.  We sort them by size and quality, which determine their eventual price. 
Our prices range roughly from

$8 to $15 for a small fish,

$18 to $75 for a medium fish,

up to $1,000 for large or very large fish, depending on sex, conformation and color quality. 

Some color patterns take longer to fully develop than others.  If we suspect a marginal fish will improve to great value if we give it time to mature, we'll return it to the pond to grow.  Some of our very best fish weren't very pretty as youngsters but grew to be very impressive adults.  (One of our Koi won Junior Champion at the Portland Koi Show.)  Yep... we have some good ones!  Ask for help if you're shopping for a fish with potential.

Our fish house is not designed to operate during winter. 
At the end of summer, any unsold Koi are returned to the growing ponds.