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Koi For Sale - Starting in May - call 541-545-6481 for information.
Our Koi are raised here on the ranch where they become accustomed to high elevation, the pH of our water, develop resistance to disease and parasites and learn to avoid predators.  We catch small numbers at a time and quarantine them in large tanks.  We have never shipped any Koi.  Our customers come here to enjoy the ponds and take their selected fish home in large coolers, or we bag them with water and oxygen for transport.
 15" Sanke $20015" Ai Goromo $275 

 15.5" Aka Bekko Long Fin (White

tips on fins and tail) $250


 17" Ogon Metallic with

Pine Cone Pattern $325

17.5" Showa Kindai

(New Style) $400 

18" Showa $400 
 18.5" Yamabuki Ogan $400Shiro Bekko Metallic Long Fin 
 Small Koi Range from 4" to 12"   Prices range from $8 to $56
We have more Koi.  We'll add photos as we catch fish this spring and their quarantines end. 
Please call to confirm availability of a particular fish if you are traveling a distance to shop.
If you would like to see more photos of an individual Koi, please ask.