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Riparian Zones and Stream Restoration

A Riparian Zone is the diverse vegetation that grows along streams, rivers or reservoirs and acts as a protective buffer between the land and the water.  Restoring the native plants in this zone will provide food and shelter for a variety of insects, amphibians, reptiles, songbirds, mammals and fish.  It will help control erosion from your waterway.

Benefits of Riparian Zones 

Maintaining or developing a healthy riparian zone can:
  • Increase your property value
  • Reduce property loss from excessive erosion
  • Improve and protect water quality
  • Enhance wildlife habitat
  • Contribute to the natural beauty of the land
  • Dissipate noise from reservoir traffic, roads, and nearby properties
  • Reduce maintenance time and related costs
  • Provide privacy
  • Screen unsightly views
  • Enhance scenic views
Benefits of Native Plants
Native plants have evolved under local conditions.  They are tolerant of drought and extreme temperatures, and they are naturally resistant to pests and disease.  After they become established, native plants usually require much less physical effort and are less expensive to maintain because they generally don't need the chemical inputs (fertilizer and pesticides) that turf grass and other non-native species may require.
Quaking Aspen add fall color to your property while improving habitat for birds and wildlife.  Do you want to attract deer and elk to your property?  Plant Aspen groves surrounded by native willows to offer them browse and birthing areas.


A barren hillside at the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) will be transformed into a demonstration garden.  Native plants and trees were grown at Rock Bottom Ranch Nursery.
Faye Weekley, Wildlife Biologist with USFWS at the Winding Sprague Project on the Sprague River.  If beavers or muskrats are chomping down your willow cuttings, consider using our larger plants with mature root systems.  They establish quickly and grow faster than the animals can eat them.  These are Sprague River willows (Coyote the Geyer) grown in 1 gallon containers and shipped for fall planting.  Result ... 10 miles of healthy, happy plants (and animals) in a successful riparian project. 
  WE PERFORM ON-THE-GROUND WORK FOR SELECTED PROJECTS. Previous attempts to restore Quaking Aspens on Agency Ranch failed because of beaver damage.  We installed healthy, vigorous Aspens from the nursery and protected them with cost-effective barriers that are stout and effective, yet blend into the natural setting.  Water Birch and Red Osier Dogwood were also added, but do not appear in this photo.

Tules for a local bird refuge.  These were installed in experimental floating islands designed to protect nesting waterfowl from predators. 


Sagebrush to restore natural vegetation along walking paths in a park. 

We offer special pricing for large orders.



 Native grasses gain a head start when planted from containers.  This Bluebunch Weatgrass was started in spring and shipped for fall planting. 


Other varieties are available

from your seeds or ours.

Are you tired of replanting?  Need a bargain on willows with mature root systems?  Want plugs sized for easy handling and quick planting? 

Does your project need instant success?

D40 Coyote & Geyer Willows

ON SALE NOW for Fall, 2015 Planting

$1.05 ea. 





#1 Willows 


Coyote, Geyer and Streamco

Tops and roots pruned.  Ready to plant.


$3.50 each

 Mountain Monardella and Twinberry

Both great native plants for landscapes or naturalizing. Use plants to attract birds and butterflies, take care of honey bees, feed wild birds, squirrels and other animals. 

Natural settings contain a diversity of plants and trees.

Consider Water Birch for your project.  The beautiful red bark compliments Aspens. Provides food and nesting for birds.

High desert plants thrive when started in their native growing conditions. 

Our sustainable nursery is a

Small Business with a small carbon footprint.

We are USDA inspected and

certified for out-of-state shipping.

Call today for a quote for custom grown native plants.  541-545-6481