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Small Koi are cheaper at Wal Mart or Petco.
Why should I pay more for Koi from Rock Bottom Ranch?


*  Large breeders (mostly in Florida) cull their babies and ship large quantities of "C-quality" fish to big box stores.  These stores sell their fish cheap because they know you'll spend lots of money on supplies to care for your new pets.

  • *  Salespeople at these stores generally have no knowledge of the fish they are selling.  We'll share our experience, offer advice when asked, and happily answer your questions.
  • *  Like all babies, young Koi are vulnerable to parasites, disease, and injury.  Many of these conditions are induced by the stress of shipping, handling, and a new, busy environment.  It's simple math. The cost of fish that perish increases the cost of survivors.  If you buy 4 fish for $6 each and 3 of them die, you've just invested $24 in a single, small, homely fish.  Think of the fish you could buy from us for $24.  In the long run, our healthy, stress-free Koi are less expensive because the survival rate is far better, assuming your pond has no issues with water quality.
  • *  Fish are not inspected or quarantined before they are sold at these stores.  Introducing these Koi to your pond presents a risk that your existing fish may catch a foreign disease, bacteria or parasite from the new Koi.  More math ... The value of your cherished (perished) pets further increases the cost of those new fish you simply couldn't resist in that aquarium at Wal-Mart.  ALWAYS QUARANTINE NEW FISH - INCLUDING THOSE YOU PURCHASE FROM US.  Also, don't dump the seller's water into your pond - that rule includes our water, too.
  • *  They seemed bigger at the store.  We've heard that story.  You got them out of that small, crowded space behind the glass ... took them home to your pond ... for some reason they shrank on the way home!  For the money, you'll buy larger Koi from us.  They don't SEEM larger because we hold them outdoors, in big, open tanks.  We don't deceive you with bright lights and magnification from glass and water.  (Those guys... they wouldn't do that deliberately, would they?)  You are also comparing our youngsters with our lunkers.  Of course they look small! 

    *  Our Koi are accustomed to our climate, elevation, and the pH of our water.

    *  Our Koi develop strong hearts and internal organs from living with pressure in the depths of our large ponds.

    *  Because they swim great distances, our Koi develop beautiful, muscular bodies, rich, long fins and broad tails.

    *  Our Koi are survivors.  They have to be.  Here, they live in large, natural ponds.  They must develop resistance to parasites, bacteria, and disease.  They must learn to hunt for food and browse on local vegetation.  We believe the natural food in our ponds explains the intense, vibrant colors and very dense black seen on our Koi.

    *  Our Koi are smart.  They have learned to hide from predators.  We don't have any stupid fish - those were eaten by frogs, snakes, predator birds, raccoons, etc.  Want a REALLY smart Koi?  Pick a BIG one.  They have learned to LIKE people, they come when called, they get the most food - they are smart - that's why they are BIG.

    *  Our Koi are friendly.  They are accustomed to eating whenever a person or group visits the ponds.  They are NOT shy and won't hide if you take visitors to your pond, and they won't dash away if anyone speaks, laughs, dances around, or even jumps into the water.  In fact, our fish are downright nosey.  They will follow a boat or anyone who is walking around the pond.  They seem curious ... we think they're just looking for a handout.

    This local farmer will sincerely appreciate your support!