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Rock Bottom Ranch Nursery

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About Us
Rock Bottom Ranch Nursery has been SE Oregon's largest grower of hardy and native plants since 2002.
Rock Bottom Ranch Nursery has a well-earned reputation for high quality plants that thrive in unique, high-desert conditions.
Bob and Pat Clickener purchased Rock Bottom Ranch in early 2015.



Bob and Pat Clickener are both descended from multi-generational, midwest farm families.They were long-time residents of the Tualatin area, in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, where, until now, they satisfied their passion for plants by growing landscape perennials.Like many of us, their passion took a back seat to professional careers.


Pat is now retired from her career as an Architect.She’s delighted to stop traveling hither and yon to build hospitals.

Bob is happy to be relieved of his former position as managing owner of a large daycare operation.He now enjoys tending a different kind of nursery!

Bob and Pat heartily enjoy meeting their neighbors and making new friends.Yep, there you go!Another transplant from the Willamette Valley, already in love with this side of the state and the traditional western friendliness that makes us all want to stay here.

Nursery Workers


Les and Annie Sedlacek
Former owners -
now nursery workers!
After 14 years of hard work, Les and Annie are almost ready to retire but Bob and Pat have convinced them to stay on for a while.

Annie says, “We are blessed with the opportunity to remain in a community we love.  Now, we can let others manage the business details and paperwork, while we focus on the things we most enjoy.  Under Bob and Pat’s management, we look forward to increasing our plant selections and perfecting quality.  We’ll have more time for friendly, helpful service.”

Aside from some fresh faces, you won’t find many changes at the nursery. Our plants are still of the highest quality; our service and competitive pricing are unmatched. 

Currently, we’re winding down the 2015 season at the nursery. Fall SALE starts after Labor Day.

We're taking orders for 2016 wholesale plants and custom growing.At Rock Bottom Ranch Nursery, our displays showcase the plants we sell.  Here, you can see arrangements and combinations that will fill you with creative ideas for your own landscape. Our plants are grown here; if we can grow them... so can you.